This website has been designed to follow the history of the Nelson tugboat based in Merseysideand operated by the Alexandra Towing Company.  One version of the Nelson was sold to French, Fenwick who operated in Wearside and was renamed the Fulwell. 




Welcome to the home page of the the website tracing the working history of the Nelson Tugboat which operated in Merseyside, which later became known as the Fulwell Tugboat in Wearside.

The reason for this website and the research carried out stems from my wife and I visiting an 'antiques' fair at the Stafford Showground at Stafford. Whilst browsing the stalls we came across a framed photograph, upon inspection I found it was of an old tugboat towing a ship. Just looking at it made me think how did the photo get to Stafford, what ships were and who were the men that operated the ship's; so many questions.

I put the photo down and we carried on looking around, all the time my mind kept on coming back to the picture I had just seen. We were about to go out of the hall's when I exclaimed to my wife, "I don't know why but I must have that picture". I went back to the stall and for a huge amount of 2.00 I made my purchase. The picture below is copy of the said same picture in its original Boots the Chemist mount. 

Fulwell tugboat towing the Sardana












Photo 1.  The picture that started it all, the Fulwell towing the Nardana in Wearside


The picture shows a tugboat, the Fulwell, towing a ship called the Nardana, which I was later to find out was in the dock areas of Wearside. If you look closely images of the men on board can be seen. This website will be a log of all the information I have found, this starts from the early days of the Nelson tugboat which operated in Merseyside, then through the year's although the original Nelson was replaced a couple of time's until one of the Nelson's was sold to France, Fenwick on Wearside and its name changed to the Fulwell.