The people below have been very kind to me and helped in varying degrees regarding research for this site.  I would like to say thanks to them all.  Should I have missed someone please accept my apologies, it was not on purpose.

I would like to say thank you to the following people for their help:-


First of course has to be my wife, Pat.  For being so patient with loads of paper around, coping with books on tugboats, and help sorting the pictures out suitable for publication on the net.


Bob Hall - From the local studies group based in Sunderland, and helped provide me with some information and set me in the right direction regarding areas of research.


Tom Lee - Who has the marvelous Paddle Steamer Picture Gallery, he helped with information reagrding the first Nelson.  This was the paddle staemer that was perhaps never used as a tug, but remained in service as an excursion boat.  Later transferred to Belgium operating out of Blankenburghe,  His site can be seen at:  Go and have a look.


 Dave Thomas - supplied information not found on the Nelson operated between 1966-1994, and I am glad to Dave for the information he supplied on its demise.

Mr E B Dijkman NL Army (ReT) - This kind gentleman contacted me after the photograph of the fulwell towing what we thought was the Sardana out of Wearside, and my response for help because we could not find any information on her.  Mr Dijkman corrected us on the fact the actual towed ship was a passenger/cargo ship called the 'Nardana'.  Of corse with information could be filled in on this site.