Why this website was created, and a little about me and my wife who has played her part in the work as long as having to be patient.

The subject of this site is a very specialised area, we know that.  There are many people who are more qualifed  to carry out research, write a history or who are maritime specialists.  We do not profess to be historians and we do not really want a critique written about the site and its content.

The whole site has been written based on information I have gained from reading, some research and finding some very nice and helpful people along the way.


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We are based in Staffordshire, just about the furthest you can get from the coast in all directions.  Although as many people find we have a love for the coastal areas, we do not have any maritime connections.  The only loose connection may be the fact that we have been on 2 cruises, one to the Baltic States, and the other to the Med.

We run our own very successful company in the health sector, and this project has been a complete change of direction.