The Nardana was the ship towed by the Fulwell tugboat which started this research off.  When first looking at the photograph we concluded that the name of the ship was the 'Sardana', however after the photograph was published in Ship Monthly magazine I received excellent help from Mr E B Dijkman Major Royal NL Army (ReT).  We would like to extend our thanks for his help by naming the ship correctly.

The picture below is the one that started this project.  I have found information regarding the Fulwell tugboat.  It clearly shows the Fulwell towing the Nardana presumably out to sea, in the sunderland area.  Can anyone help on the actual location?

The picture shows the Nardana being towed by the Fulwell, and it must be at Wearside because thats where the Fulwell operated,  Any ideas?

The Sardana towed by the Fulwell













Photo.  The 'Nardana' towed by the Fuwell